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Your #1 Source for High Quality USA & Union Made Shirts!
Our product is Union Made with 100% U.S.A. Components and adds up to a more valuable garment than others - one that will last longer with superior screen print performance!
Since the cost of cotton finally dropped...Lifewear has been able to lower their prices!!

Want to know how Lifewear started?

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All garments are 100% U.S.A. Components
  • The cotton for the yarn (Frontier Spinning) is grown in the South
  • The yarn (Frontier Spinning) is knitted in Pennsylvania
  • The material is bleached, dyed or scoured in Pennsylvania
  • Only high quality fiber-reactive dyes are used ( this means the color won't bleed onto other colors)
  • The material is cut and sewn with with thread (American & Efird) , which is also made in the U.S.A., at the Union Lifewear factory in Pottstown, PA
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Check out the article in the July 1, 2011, Focus section of The Pottstown Mercury featuring Lifewear!


T-Shirt Maker and Printer Commemorate Tragic Fire

Two Pottstown businesses share the honor of being chosen to commemorate the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in New York City in 1911


What Our Customers Say About Us:


We sincerely love and appreciate all letters of praise and feedback we receive from our customers!

Thank you for your continued support year after year!

"The Lifewear garment is the best quality union made garment available"
“Lifewear shirts screen print better than any other shirts”
"By far, Lifewear has the best customer service"

"I placed an order at 2pm and Lifewear shipped it out the same day at no up charge"




Lifewear donated over $2500 worth of their t-shirts to the survivors in Haiti!

Philadelphia Sixers player, Samuel Dalembert, will be delivering the Lifewear t-shirts himself to the survivors!

"If I had to tell you the main ingredient, it would be the dedication of the people I work with. We have a lot of good equipment, but it's personnel that makes the business go. If your workers are behind you, you can't fail, and that's really what keeps us going."

-Dave Bartman,

President of Lifewear Inc.

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